Sofie Di Bartolomeo Tactical Haptic Fabric
Tactical Haptic Fabric is Platinum Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Textile, Fabric, Textures, Patterns and Cloth Design Award Category.
Tactical Haptic Fabric

Three-dimensional textile surface realized through the manipulation of the screen-printing technique. The textile has a parametric pattern, and a customized coating mixture matched to a smooth base fabric, that gives to the textile an exclusive tactile sensation. The features of this fabric are highlighted by applying it to a wearable context to give the wearer a different sensorial experience related to the interaction with the body through the sense of touch.

Tactical Haptic Fabric
Sofie Di Bartolomeo Tactical
Sofie Di Bartolomeo Haptic Fabric
Sofie Di Bartolomeo design
Sofie Di Bartolomeo design
Sofie Di Bartolomeo

Sofie is a multidisciplinary designer, after a degree in industrial design, she completes a Master degree in textile design abroad, this leads her to move in Germany to work as a designer for one of the first companies specializing in fashion tech, where she will be part of the creative team, researcher and developer for the innovation area, expert in 3D printing and assistants’ coordinator. She then decided to become a freelancer to carry out personal projects, run workshops to teach the application of technology in fashion, work as a product and visual/graphic designer for temporary projects, for private individuals but also for different startups around Europe. Currently established in Rome, she works as a full-time design consultant for the design of accessories and part-time as a visual designer for different startups.

University of Borås

The University of Boras, located in the south of Sweden, it incorporates six departments and offers high-quality programmes in the areas of Business & Informatics, Engineering & Health Sciences, Behavioural & Education Sciences, Fashion & Textile Studies, and Library & Information Studies. It is particularly well-known for its School of Textiles, proposing unique degree programmes and performing world-leading research within textile technology and design.