Lucas Bittar Vira Garden Collection Outdoor Lights
Vira Garden Collection Outdoor Lights is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Category.
Vira Garden Collection Outdoor Lights

Vira's garden light collection have been developed as design objects to be exposed in the garden and innovate the way of positioning and relating outdoor lighting to the garden spaces. With an innovative sealing system that has withstood the tests of IP67, IP66 and exposure to saline mist, these lamps present high expressive qualities in its material composition, durability and resistance for the outdoor weather conditions.

Vira Garden Collection Outdoor Lights
Lucas Bittar Vira Garden Collection
Lucas Bittar Outdoor Lights
Lucas Bittar design
Lucas Bittar design
Lucas Bittar

Lucas Bittar is an architect and light designer, who applies technique in the design methods and bulding solutions in many design fields. He is now working with innovative concrete outdoor lighting with specialised sealing. He developed the whole production and building solutions for the lamps. The experience and knowledge learned in many architectural projects and building management has given him the ability to work in many design scales.

VIRA Iluminação

Vira Iluminação is a conpany that aims to develop innovative lighting models with high durability, water resistance and design. The Petra Projector was the first lamp of Vira conceived as an expressive object of concrete that, due to its technical and aesthetic qualities, can be exposed in the space of the garden, appearing between the architectural elements and the vegetation in the composition of the surroundings. These are the principles that guided the creation of the other lamps.