Sun Chuanjin Zhimu Changzhou Spa
Zhimu Changzhou Spa is Golden Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Zhimu Changzhou Spa

The designer inspired by the ancient village in southern China, creates the space in a modern and natural way. Textures of the natural materials are applied to it. The lighting design makes the space as the foggy dusk in the mountain. The shimmering lights along the circulation and the use of white with beams build a peaceful space for people to retreat from the city hustle. The green pine bonsai is illuminated from the bottom leaving impressive shadows on the top. The designer breaks the boundary between corridor and the limited space to guarantee the functions make each step a scene.

Zhimu Changzhou Spa
Sun Chuanjin Zhimu Changzhou
Sun Chuanjin Spa
Sun Chuanjin design
Sun Chuanjin design
Sun Chuanjin

Have access to the interior design in 2000, started by selling into interior design work and studies, in design began in 2003, at 16 years participated in the Beijing, China, one of the tallest building in Asia China's statue of interior design, parts of the city star hotel, commercial real estate, the museum of commercial projects, using design to drive sales, design and improve the level of city life and aesthetic.

Zhimu Spa Changzhou

Zhimu is a guide hall of health preserving where people want to kick back and relax. It was built in the center of Changzhou, which is also a good place for relax. With Chinese traditional massage and new business operation mode, this kind of guide hall has been widely accepted。 It can’t be defined to a certain style, because of the diversified design, either the design of outside or inside space, by using different decorating materials to create a new visual effect. Maybe the rooms are different but sometimes they are kind of Integrative. Modern and stylish atmosphere ,comfortable environment, create a lot of surprise and expectations。With the development of the society,more and more people feel anxious,they all need one place like this to take a rest, let life move slowly.