Thuan Nguyen Linear Locksets Ergonomic Door Handles
Linear Locksets Ergonomic Door Handles is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Furniture Accessories, Hardware and Materials Design Award Category.
Linear Locksets Ergonomic Door Handles

A novel modern door handle and lock which can simply unlock a door by pushing or pulling a handle. This is an efficient, ergonomic and intuitive way to operate a secured residential or commercial door. The push and pull mechanism is patented and eliminates the pivoting action of conventional door levers and knobs. Therefore, simplifying the design as it consists of less than half the mechanical parts of conventional handles and locks; without compromising quality, durabilty and functionality. The handles and locks are also retrofittable by a layperson into existing standard doors.

Linear Locksets Ergonomic Door Handles
Thuan Nguyen Linear Locksets
Thuan Nguyen Ergonomic Door Handles
Thuan Nguyen design
Thuan Nguyen design
Thuan Nguyen

I'm an imaginative and creative being, who looks at the world in an efficient and minimalist perspective. I'm an idealist and strive to create useful, beneficial and sustainable products to further improve society now and in the future. I believe in making good use of time and never wasting precious time, which in itself motivates me every day to be productive in all aspects of life. Beautiful and functional design, being postive and productive are my main motivators.

Vander industries

Vander Industries is a new, energetic and innovative Australian company with a passion for redesigning and repurposing architectural hardware. Vander Industries is inspired by recent years of increased renovations of residential and commercial buildings and the need to make new and modern home hardware become more aesthetically pleasing, efficient, ergonomic and affordable. Vander Industries have designed, invented and patented its LinearLocksets (for our passage, privacy and entrance range), an intuitive and unique door furniture system, which will revolutionise the way doors are opened in the future.