Taizhou Tao Sakura No Aji Japanese Restaurant
Sakura No Aji Japanese Restaurant is Golden Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Sakura No Aji Japanese Restaurant

Sakura No Aji is a Japanese cuisine restaurant located in a cultural park in Mianyang, Sichuan Province, with its unique location and beautiful landscape, the designer wants to integrate it perfectly into the natural environment. The buildings are arranged continuously in the woods in the form of Japanese folk houses. Fully open kitchen and operating space, so that the processing and production process can be seen, with garbage treatment system and oil fume purification device, the whole space is elegant and elegant, leaving only food and pine fragrance.

Sakura No Aji Japanese Restaurant
Taizhou Tao Sakura No Aji
Taizhou Tao Japanese Restaurant
Taizhou Tao design
Taizhou Tao design
Taizhou Tao

Taizhou Tao, Senior Interior Designer, Deputy Director of Design Committee of Mianyang Architectural Decoration Association of Sichuan Province, Secretary-General of Mianyang Interior Design Committee of CIID China Architectural Society, Founder and Design Director of Sichuan IM Design. His representative works include "Sakura No Aji", "Seasonal Party Space", "Ginkgo Golden Bird" and so on.

Sakura No Aji

Sakura No Aji is the first pure wooden Japanese wine house in Mianyang. It serves traditional Japanese food which is all selected by their experienced Japanese food master. The girl in kimono serves one-on-one service for each room, giving you a more complete Japanese-style dining experience. This is also a lifestyle of izakaya in Japan , to regulate busyness, release stress, strengthen communication between people and enjoy a happy moment of life.