Fabricio Ronca Vello Bar Cart
Vello Bar Cart is Golden Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Furniture Design Award Category.
Vello Bar Cart

Brazilian modernism and warm minimalism. A car bar with aesthetic refinement and inspired by the design of the Brazilian modernist avant-garde with traits of minimalism. It brings the freshness and the subtle and gestural touches of its light and bold forms. The idea of ​​creating a car bar, from searching for the affective memory of this type of furniture, very common in Brazilian homes in the 60s, 70s and 80s. I changed the common view and design of this type of furniture to become more customary and interactive with the public,several uses and iteractions.

Vello Bar Cart
Fabricio Ronca Vello
Fabricio Ronca Bar Cart
Fabricio Ronca design
Fabricio Ronca design
Fabricio Ronca

I believe we can change a society with design, bringing opportunities for people's cultural and financial growth and showing what is good, beautiful and durable. I began my life in the arts since I was a little kid when I went to my mamma's art school with her. From that moment I started to know and love painting, sculpture, music and architecture. the school building was a work of oscar niemeyer, and I grew up on that building, playing woodcut, painting, and other arts.


The company’s headquarter is located in Caxias do Sul, in a region known as Serra Gaúcha. There, furniture manufacturing is a tradition inherited from the Europeans who settled the area. Saccaro is responsible for creating pieces that are widely recognized and is now present in all regions of Brazil. The company also exports its products to several countries in all continents. Its aim is to offer high-end furniture and experiences to those who recognize the value of craftsmanship. Solutions for corporative projects and rooms. The best resorts, hotels, flats, offices, clinics, restaurants and clubs in the country gain even more beauty and sophistication with the products and accessories of the brand.