Xuesong and MaXiaoyi Triangle Air Monitor
Triangle Air Monitor is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Security, Safety and Surveillance Products Design Award Category.
Triangle Air Monitor

Triangle air monitor can monitor PM2.5 concentration,carbon dioxide concentration and so on. It consists of a host and a auxiliary machine,each of them has 6 independent sensors, which can independently monitor data..After connecting to WIFI, they can be placed in different places, such as one in the home and one in the office. After the user's permission,It can turn the air conditioners, humidifiers or other electrical appliances on according to these numerical changes (the human body is unable to perceive).It uses a white or black plastic case, which is suitable for different environments.

Triangle Air Monitor
Xuesong and MaXiaoyi Triangle
Xuesong and MaXiaoyi Air Monitor
Xuesong and MaXiaoyi design
Xuesong and MaXiaoyi design
Xuesong and MaXiaoyi

Both he and his team members are master graduates of industrial design major in North China University of Technology, China. They have rich design experience and design ability, and have won many design awards. The main research direction of his team is design in Intelligent Home Furnishing products. At present, his team is serving real estate companies in Sino-Ocean Land and designing products related to smart home.

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