Reed, UAB Reed 5T Linear Tracking Tonearm
Reed 5T Linear Tracking Tonearm is Golden Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Product Engineering and Technical Design Award Category.
Reed 5T Linear Tracking Tonearm

Designers idea to create this linear tracking tonearm came up from intention to create compact tangential tonearm. Keeping in mind that most of tangential tonearms are massive. While creating this tonearm designers prime focus was to create high quality, functional, compact and efficient design. This tonearm working principle is based on Thales theorem and the rule that given three non-collinear points it is possible to draw only one circle that has finite radius and passes through all three. According to these rules arm tube is tangential to the groove of LP while turntable is playing.

Reed 5T Linear Tracking Tonearm
Reed, UAB Reed 5T
Reed, UAB Linear Tracking Tonearm
Reed, UAB design
Reed, UAB design
Reed, UAB

REED tonearms and turntables manufacturer, whose main purpose is to achieve the best sound performance of their products. This is achieved by using newest manufacturing technologies and best materials, which can affect the sound quality. Company is focusing on the customers and creates user friendly products., UAB, UAB is a small company established in 2010 in Lithuania. Company specializes in highest quality audio equipment products – turntables and tonearms. Despite that it is a small and young company, it has customers all over the world and company brand REED already deserved as a high quality sign in audiophile world. While creating their products special attention is paid to innovative engineer ideas, distinctive and aesthetic design, and highest quality manufacturing process.