Tuan Anh Hoang Klasern MOT Watch
Klasern MOT Watch is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Klasern MOT Watch

The MOT is a Tuan Hoang's design project in collaboration with Klasern. The watches bridge the two worlds of classic and modern with elegant, timeless design. Inspired by Bauhaus, Atomic Age, and Scandinavian designs, the MOT lays emphasis on functionality and simplicity while still embodying a futuristic look. The MOT collection is available in silver, black, and rose gold. The powder-coated stainless steel case, which has a unique profile and invisible lugs, holds the white double-layer dial inside. The leather straps are made by craftsmen who take an obsessive approach to workmanship.

Klasern MOT Watch
Tuan Anh Hoang Klasern MOT
Tuan Anh Hoang Watch
Tuan Anh Hoang design
Tuan Anh Hoang design
Tuan Anh Hoang

Tuan Hoang is a cross-platform designer who was born and raised in Saigon, Vietnam. Passionate about simplicity and functionality, Tuan creates his work in the combination of emotion, balance, with strong type and image. Tuan studied software engineering and graphic design at Aptech and DPI from 2009 to 2012 respectively. After spending a couple of months for professional internships, Tuan joined District Eight for the position as a designer/photographer in 2012. For almost 4 years working with fellow designers, technicians, and craftsmen at District Eight, Tuan shaped his skills and gained experience in the furniture manufacturing process which involved him in different stages from product development to after-sales service. In early 2016, Tuan decided to do something fresh and more stimulating than simply playing with graphic elements: launching his own multi-disciplinary design studio Nogias, which primarily focuses on furniture crafting. In 2017, Tuan moved to the USA and founded the watch company Klasern in 2018. Tuan is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Arts degree in Texas, with expected graduation in 2022.


Klasern is a lifestyle brand inspired by the look of classic, yet modern, evidenced by hints of timelessness wed to a touch of futurism. Their designs were conceived in Saigon, and Klasern is currently relocated to Dallas, Texas, USA. Klasern is family-owned and operated, ensuring quality service and conscientious, hands-on attention to every detail between manufacture and customer satisfaction. Klasern avails only the finest materials and components for our watches – Swiss-made movement, sapphire crystal glass and surgical stainless steel. Klasern stunningly bridges the two worlds of classic and modern with elegant, timeless design. The precision mechanics and artful craftsmanship radiate an imposing good look well beyond the thousandth glance. Every watch from Klasern is affordable, costing only as much as necessary but as little as possible. Klasern pays sensitive attention to environment-friendly material acquisition as well as its production methods.