Bkt Design Dos Picnic Table
Dos Picnic Table is Iron Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Street Furniture Design Award Category.
Dos Picnic Table

The MP-002 is an elegant picnic table designed to adapt to a diverse urban environment. It is characterized by its easy assembly, which significantly reduces its handling and shipping costs making it an extremely versatile element. the aesthetic is inspired by traditional one-piece picnic tables but with a much higher formal and functional value than existing ones. It´s made of folded steel sheet and wood planks.

Dos Picnic Table
Bkt Design Dos
Bkt Design Picnic Table
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Bkt Design design
Bkt Design

We are an industrial design studio specializing in the development of urban furniture pieces. Our aim is to instill quality into city construction and conceptualization to make our public spaces more human and efficient. We know that it is of the utmost importance to develop products that add value to society and also contribute an aesthetic value to our public spaces to make them more livable, enjoyable and thus build part of wellbeing and social integration. Our solution to this vision of more humanized cities is the design of infrastructure that attracts people to live the public space and all its moments.

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We are an industrial design studio focused on the development of pieces of urban furniture that seeks to provide quality construction and conceptualization of cities, so that their public spaces become more human and efficient. Our designs encourage from the social cohesion, the sustainable transport practices, to considerations in the analysis of the functioning of the furniture.