Seda Dundar V Orman Sales Office
V Orman Sales Office is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
V Orman Sales Office

Starting from entrance, in every place elegant details are used which represent green, tranquility and peacefulness. Places have been detailed in the same manner to very fine points. Upon entrance wall, nature, the initiation of the project symbolized by vertical garden and a tree. In the same place, music with piano becomes one of the basics and with live music supports it. Furniture has been enriched with gold, black and white materials and home’s warmth emphasized everywhere in sales office.

V Orman Sales Office
Seda Dundar V Orman
Seda Dundar Sales Office
Seda Dundar design
Seda Dundar design
Arkiteam Architecture

Arkiteam Architecture Office which founded by Seda Dundar and Nejmi Cicekci, established in 2014 to focus providing innovative solutions, with its experienced and dynamic team. We offer architectural planning and interior design solutions for national and international projects. Arkiteam's team members gathered together to raise values, enriching people's life, combining science with art and providing the best design ideas to people and the sector. Arkiteam combines power of traditional design with innovative mind and brings aesthetic and functional solutions to our life. Our team members believe that besides architecture is related to structure, it also has close relations with feelings. In this manner, Arkiteam approaches to designs with integration of people feelings sense. Our most important mission is to design to raise the values of life.