Ray Teng Pai In Rows Tray Set
In Rows Tray Set is Iron Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Homeware Design Award Category.
In Rows Tray Set

Inspired by folding paper, the method to fold a plain sheet of paper into Three-dimensional Container can easily to be achieve in manufacturing, saving material and cost. In Rows Tray Set can be stacked, put together or used individually by users preference. Using the concept for adding up hexagon angles in geometry makes it easy to put together in different ways and angles. The carefully designed space is ideal for putting daily objects like pens, stationery, mobile phones, glasses, candle sticks and so on.

In Rows Tray Set
Ray Teng Pai In Rows
Ray Teng Pai Tray Set
Ray Teng Pai design
Ray Teng Pai design
Ray Teng Pai

Ray is a multidisciplinary designer, versatile and experienced in a wide range of products, from house appliances, industrial electronics, medical equipment, exhibition booth design to fashion and jewellery. After working for international design agencies such as Fuseproject and Pilotfish, Ray founded studio Singular Concept in 2014. Based in Taipei. Ray is specialized in transforming manufacturing process into forward thinking solutions, and is motivated to create designs which are environment-friendly and brings values and inspiration to life.

In Rows

How do we tidy up our small objects on the table? Let’s follow our heart to make combination and stack up. Creating an exclusive storage box, tidy up the accessories will be a piece of cake for us. Making good use of module concepts, it will be easy to tidy up and create a neat space.