Carina Wong Enchanting Mushroom Necklace
Enchanting Mushroom Necklace is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Enchanting Mushroom Necklace

The 18K Rose Gold "Enchanting Mushroom" necklace is set with hot enamel, color change garnet, sapphire, diamond, amethyst and carved smoky quartz. It can be worn as a complete piece , or the mushroom duo center piece can be detached and be worn as a brooch. There is also an additional single mushroom brooch to interchange with, which gives flexibility and playfulness for the wearer.

Enchanting Mushroom  Necklace
Carina Wong Enchanting Mushroom
Carina Wong Necklace
Carina Wong design
Carina Wong design
Carina Wong

Carina Wong is the founder and creative director of Heting Jewellery. Her creative appetite has seen her explore and master crafts ranging from calligraphy to metalsmithing and gemology. Heting Jewellery is the ultimate expression of her energy and inspiration, and her philosophy is rooted in combining beauty and art. As a graduate of the Gemological Institute of America in Hong Kong, Carina’s passion for the finest details left her in a world of wonder, gazing into every stone as though it were a universe unto itself. Carina’s deep understanding of colour, texture, form and materials brought Heting Jewellery to life. Through her designs, she seeks a connection to the timeless energy of the natural world and encourages her wearers to find elegance in the mysticism of organic forms. Her appreciation for craftsmanship infuses her collection with rich stories, intricate details and a vision to reimagine fine jewellery.


Hè Tíng ‘derives from “Water pavilion of Hermit Lin”, an ancient Chinese poem from the Song Dynasty written by Yaozuo Chen. The poem depicts a story in which a contemplative hermit lives in a peaceful garden, taking the time to admire and reflect on the world around him, to spiritually journey through the sensuality of nature. This is the founding inspiration behind HETING and is also named after its founder and artistic director, Heting Carina Wong. The brand essence of HETING is to guide wearers, through the brilliancy and versatility of thoughtful design, to experience their surroundings and environment in a renewed form, reinterpreting the flow of time and the beauty of metamorphosis. Wong, through her own observation and experience of the natural environment, has created delicate series that embody the nuances of our ecosystem through a unique creative lens. It is her deep understanding of colours, textures, shapes and materials that characterizes HETING fine jewellery. Made with precious metals, gemstones to jadeite and intricately carved pearls, HETING pieces are not only fine artistic creations, representing the best balance in choice of materials with design and craftsmanship, but are also as wearable art, as daily to evening accessories embodied with depth and soul. Through inspired stories, the different series explore and unveil a magical universe that brings to the forefront the colour and vibrancy of life, distilling an imagination so wide and poetic into the most delicate of objets d’art.