Mingfang Zhang Alpha Biological Printer Machine
Alpha Biological Printer Machine is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Medical Devices and Medical Equipment Design Award Category.
Alpha Biological Printer Machine

The design core of this model is the complete isolation of the "print" area and mechanical system.The product has a built-in HEPA filtration system and an innovation of 365 nm wavelength uv sterilization system to maintain a sterile environment.The internal design of the product enables positive pressure ventilation to prevent contamination from entering the printer.It can accurately control three temperature differences in the printing process, improve the survival rate of bio-printing, and promote the development of world biology.

Alpha Biological Printer Machine
Mingfang Zhang Alpha
Mingfang Zhang Biological Printer Machine
Mingfang Zhang design
Mingfang Zhang design
Mingfang Zhang

I am a graduate student of shenyang university of aeronautics and astronautics.I am lively, cheerful, enthusiastic and energetic. I am hardworking and diligent in my life.I usually participate in various competitions with my tutor. The tutor has given me a lot of guidance and help, so that I can learn a lot of knowledge in it, get the recognition of my tutor, and even become the teacher's right hand.In the break time, I will seize the time to read, strive to make my knowledge reserve higher.In my spare time, I will take a part-time job, exercise my social work ability, and make myself a social contact person, and can contribute to the society.

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Founded in 2014 by a team of leading experts with experience in biofabrication, SunP Biotech International (SunP) is a high-tech research and manufacturing company specialized in 3D bioprinting and tissue engineering. Based on proprietary technologies, SunP is focused on the development of innovative 3D bioprinting systems and its application in the field of advanced drug discovery and testing, tissue/organ-on-a-chip, and personalized tissue engineering products. Our current R&D products include: 3D biomaterials printing system, 3D cell printing system, cell/tissue/organ-on-a-chip, and 3D cell culture devices. Devoted to bioprinting technologies, SunP has committed to develop and commercialize the cutting-edge design, customization, and manufacturing of 3D bioprinting products. The development of SunP’s Core technologies dates back to the 1990’s. For about two decades, our founders have spent countless resources developing many of our newly commercialized products. Our products combines cutting edge biofabrication technologies from both United States and China.