Hyemi Song CityWays Data Visualization
CityWays Data Visualization is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Generative, Algorithmic and Parametric Design Award Category.
CityWays Data Visualization

CityWays is a research to reveal human's recreational patterns through visualizing datasets from self-tracking applications, quantifying the effects of temperature, precipitation, and other environmental factors. Through finding factors that affect pedestrian activities, we also found implications on street design and zoning policies, possibly leading to a re-definition of well-known static metrics of walkability.

CityWays Data Visualization
Hyemi Song CityWays
Hyemi Song Data Visualization
Hyemi Song design
Hyemi Song design
MIT Senseable City Lab

The MIT Senseable City Laboratory aims to investigate and anticipate how digital technologies are changing the way people live and their implications at the urban scale. Director Carlo Ratti founded the Senseable City Lab in 2004 within the City Design and Development group at the Department of Urban Studies and Planning, as well as in collaboration with the MIT Media Lab. The Lab's mission states that it seeks to creatively intervene and investigate the interface between people, technologies and the city.