Don Lin Simplicity Apartment Interior Design
Simplicity Apartment Interior Design is Iron Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Simplicity Apartment Interior Design

Technology is changing the world as radically as the industrial revolution. This apartment has set back the world’s transformation and reinstated back the primitive of simplicity. Perhaps the form and shape is rather transparent with an aesthetically panoramic view and rich colour strategy. The distinctive layout was to openly subdivide the living, dining, study & master bedroom but yet presented as a core space. When simplicity meets openness, all these outline create a flexibility of how a space can be physically inject with new energy yet conducive.

Simplicity Apartment Interior Design
Don Lin Simplicity Apartment
Don Lin Interior Design
Don Lin design
Don Lin design
Don Lin

Don Lin, Founder of DSOD Interior, born in Singapore, graduated in Nanyang academy of fine arts in Singapore. Albeit a small company, a proud receiver of numerous accolades and awards such as obtaining London Design Award, Melbourne Design Award, Sydney Design Award, USA International Design Award, China successful award & London Asia Pacific Design & Architecture Award and he was also the nominee of Singapore President Award for ‘Designer Of The Year’ Although humble, the duo has in store a promising vision for their company. “We want to create a boutique interior firm that not only the rich can own, but also the low income client. Our goal is to make sure that the first brand name that comes to the consumer who talks about interior designing, is “DSOD”,” concludes Mr. Lin.

DSOD Interior

A creative leading interior design firm established in 2012. DSOD has won several international awards across the world and our aims is to cultivate a corporate identity as an international designer brand that ensures all design are the highest quality and express the refine of creativity. We offer multi-disciplinary expertise in residential, office, retail and F&B that undertake an appreciation of brand objective & lifestyle.