Responsive Spaces Delacon Dandelion Playful Interface
Delacon Dandelion Playful Interface is Platinum Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interface and Interaction Design Award Category.
Delacon Dandelion Playful Interface

Dandelions are very delicate creations of nature managing to be wonderfully simple and highly complex at the same time. That's why a specially crafted, stylized and oversized model of a dandelion is the one and only design element at the heart of the Delacon exhibition stand. Invisible to the visitor is the very complex airflow sensor array, which is arranged inside the flowers head ready and waiting to amaze its visitors: By blowing on the flower the magical journey of its onscreen counterpart's seeds begins to unfold and allows you to be cast away with their elegant dance.

Delacon Dandelion Playful Interface
Responsive Spaces Delacon Dandelion
Responsive Spaces Playful Interface
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Responsive Spaces design
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Markus Pargfrieder is CEO & Co-Founder of Responsive Spaces, a company working at the intersection of technology and design — offering an integrated view on digital media system, design and experience. He is a specialists for innovative and captivating media solutions with a strong focus on realtime and collaborative systems, in virtual as well as in real spaces. Responsive Spaces was founded in 2017 by Markus Pargfrieder and the Digital Agency Netural, where he spent almost 20 years. Netural is one of the leading digital agencies in Austria and employs about 80 specialists in digital design and engineering. As Head of Mulitmedia Lab he was responsible for the development of several international and award winning multimedia projects for clients like Swarovski, Silhouette or Dominator Yachts.

Delacon Biotechnik GmbH

Since its beginning in 1988, Delacon has followed the vision of founder Helmut Dedl to pioneer a natural way to keep animal performing and healthy. He adamantly pursued alternatives for antibiotic and synthetical growth promotors that would ensure sustainable, profitable livestock production and food safety. With investment in research and development of plant-based feed additives, Delacon started to replace belief with fundamental knowledge. For this new and, up to this point, unknown category of feed additives, Delacon created its own market and coined the term 'phytogenic feed additives.' Phytogenic feed additives are in a prime position to meet animal feeding challenges of today and tomorrow. What started as a niche market has grown into a market of global importance as animal agriculture responds to a public call for the responsible use of antibiotics, sustainable livestock production and consumer transparency. As the market segment rapidly expands, Delacon continues to be the global market leader. From our standardized and modern production facility in Steyregg, Austria, we currently export our products to more than 80 countries worldwide. Delacon has a global team of more than 100 employees at 17 locations and cooperates with distribution partners around the world.