Mediam Sp. z o.o. Divaldi Amp Headphone amplifier
Divaldi Amp Headphone amplifier is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Digital and Electronic Device Design Award Category.
Divaldi Amp Headphone amplifier

AMP is a small device, embodiment of all dreams, that its designers wanted to create for many years. It is a miniature monument of Polish engineering and artistic thought, contained in an extraordinary, beautiful, minimalistic form. AMP is a successful attempt of integrating a genuine headphone amplifier and a phono MM preamplifier in a very modest and small body. What’s even more remarkable, this has been achieved while maintaining dual mono construction.

Divaldi Amp Headphone amplifier
Mediam Sp. z o.o. Divaldi Amp
Mediam Sp. z o.o. Headphone amplifier
Mediam Sp. z o.o. design
Mediam Sp. z o.o. design
Mediam Sp. z o.o.

For over 15 years Mediam is creating individual audio-video solutions. Mediam brings to life unique and innovatory solutions and sets the direction of High End market. Mediam is the first and only polish producer of the audio systems, which has received the IF Design award. Mediam as the first company has designed an amplifier with Phono input in one cube. Mediam is annually a co-organizer of christmas parties for over 2000children of special care. It also helps young and talented electronics technicians in realizing and developing their passion by organizing free workshops. Mediam Academy organizes trainings for designers of laser shows. The activity of Mediam is wide and varied – production of audio devices and control systems, preparing projects of entertainment centres, big multimedia shows, implementation of new technologies, training young people and openness for new challenges.


Many people ask where has Divaldi brand name came from. It’s a combination of two founders names: Dival (the phonetic pronunciation of Duval) and Valdi (that’s what Waldemar Łuczkoś is usually called), this word also brings to mind a name of great a composer and that is a pure coincidence but lucky one as it suggests music..