Ivana Bukvic ErnteZeit Restaurant
ErnteZeit Restaurant is Iron Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
ErnteZeit Restaurant

The designer studio combined organic materials and earth tones with metallic details, to enact the impression of nature and alfresco areas in the space. All the elements are utilized in a multifunctional fashion. The focal-points perform as art installations, alongside their practical features. Plants are used for staging, whilst also being symbolic- they serve as visual cues of all the produce used in the restaurants menu.

ErnteZeit Restaurant
Ivana Bukvic ErnteZeit
Ivana Bukvic Restaurant
Ivana Bukvic design
Ivana Bukvic design
Ivana Bukvic

Ivana is first mother of two kids, wife and a young business woman. She has built up together with her husband corporate business company, where her interior design work has begun. Later, she has founded her own interior design studio - Ivy's design because she wanted to grow in that field, not only be oriented to her husband's business. Her design is different, because of warmth you feel when you enter into any space she has designed. She makes people feel better at any place and to appreciate themselves more as they are.

Ivy's design

Ivy's Design is a Berlin based interior design studio. For this competition we nominated our last project, a health food restaurant ErnteZeit.