Frédéric Clermont Spoutnic Robot of assistance
Spoutnic Robot of assistance is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Agricultural Tools, Farming Equipment and Machinery Design Award Category.
Spoutnic Robot of assistance

Spoutnic is a support robot designed to educate hens to lay in their nest boxes. The hens get up on his approach and return to the nest. Normally, the breeder has to go around all his buildings every hour or even half an hour at the peak of the laying, to prevent the hens from laying their eggs on the ground. The small autonomous Spoutnic robot easily passes under the chains of supply and can circulate in all the building. Its battery holds the day and recharges in one night. It frees breeders from a tedious and long task, allowing a better yield and limiting the number of decommissioned eggs.

Spoutnic Robot of assistance
Frédéric Clermont Spoutnic
Frédéric Clermont Robot of assistance
Frédéric Clermont design
Frédéric Clermont design
Tibot Technologies

TIBOT invents the robot of assistance for the poultry industry TIBOT technologies, the pioneers in poultry robotics, has set itself the goal of automating certain tedious, repetitive tasks, to improve the poultry farmer’s working conditions while increasing his flock’s profitability and his animals’ welfare.