Jingwen Zhang Comfort Transforming Footwear
Comfort Transforming Footwear is Iron Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Footwear, Shoes and Boots Design Award Category.
Comfort Transforming Footwear

With the developing of the economic, people are busy with their work. Though they are busy every day, their spiritual world might be lonely. Especially for those people who are working for their future and having their dream fulfilled, or a foreigner hoping to be accompanied and comforted. The Comfort is designed to appeal people's mind and take more care of themselves in the physical, mental health. Through the work, the designer urges people to pay attention to mental health and comfort these brave dream-makers through their works.

Comfort Transforming Footwear
Jingwen Zhang Comfort
Jingwen Zhang Transforming Footwear
Jingwen Zhang design
Jingwen Zhang design
Jingwen Zhang

Jingwen Zhang is an accessory designer who believes all design ideas would come from real life. She was born and raised in Shanghai, China. After she figures out her true calling in accessory design, she comes to the United States for further study and starts her career. She's a designer who is brave to do a lot of new creations and experiment on new materials. People can see a lot of different material combination in her accessory design pieces.

Jingwen Zhang

The designer believes that all designs should come from real life and is able to explore the small details that should stand ready to be the source of the inspirational elements of our design. With the recognization of her true calling in accessory design, the goal of bringing in special, eye-catch design for accessories as the discipline combines fashion, function, and creativity. Designer's project is focusing on the deep exploration of the soul's needs for the human being, which is also an important expression of the author's concern for people mental health in a positive way.