Abraham Cherem Magen David Synagogue Religious Building
Magen David Synagogue Religious Building is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Magen David Synagogue Religious Building

As an ensemble of boxes of different material qualities, with distinct ritualistic purposes, the Synagogue comes together as a functional and beautiful entity. Whether in its facade or in its detailing, the building represents the intersection of a pure material use and the mastery of its resulting combinations allowing the Temple to become a singular, religious architectural element.

Magen David Synagogue Religious Building
Abraham Cherem Magen David Synagogue
Abraham Cherem Religious Building
Abraham Cherem design
Abraham Cherem design
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Cherem Arquitectos is a firm founded in 2003 by architect Abraham Cherem and associated since 2013 with architect José Antonio Aguilar. Located in Mexico City, the work done here includes projects of medium and larger scale ranging from housing projects to office buildings, shopping malls, hotels and religious centers. Regardless of the type of project, for us, all represent an opportunity to design efficient architecture, from interior to urban programs, that give us a chance of making a life style our greatest passion. Whether the office alone or in collaboration with other architecture office, landscape designers, structural engineering and lighting designers, each project represents a new opportunity to meet and resolve customer needs; we seek to give a logical solution in architecture and interior design, beyond the basic demands of the customer and always innovating with environmentally conscious materials and process. Making an effort to have unique and efficient solutions, always to reinvent ourselves, aware of the influence of each project, not only on the client, but also the community, country and planet. The team includes experienced architects who have worked in various prestigious offices, but as much as we value experience, it´s also extremely important to us to have young architects hungry to learn and bring new ideas to the architecture we do. It is noteworthy that on several occasions we have invited or been invited to be part of multidisciplinary work teams. This seems extremely regarding because of the opportunity to contribute with our ideas as well as learn new concepts that directly affect our work. We are aware that the buildings we design make an impact, and for certain, will survive us, so each project for us is not only the challenge of the present but of the future that will remain.