Ayman & Tamer Ahmed (Artline Group) Shiny Dental Center
Shiny Dental Center is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Shiny Dental Center

Material variations was a double edged sword while selecting any of them, the design has the flowing language concept represented by the connected flooring with sofas using corian material , by the continued non-direct and direct lights going through the interior spaces and by reflecting the interior and design elements which makes the experience more delightful by using the black tempered glass.

Shiny Dental Center
Ayman & Tamer Ahmed (Artline Group) Shiny
Ayman & Tamer Ahmed (Artline Group) Dental Center
Ayman & Tamer Ahmed (Artline Group) design
Ayman & Tamer Ahmed (Artline Group) design
Ayman & Tamer Ahmed (Artline Group)

Ayman and Tamer are an Egyptian award-winning architects and founders of artline group (ALG), which is a fully integrated architectural and engineering consultancy organization, offering services from customized conception to comprehensive engineering solutions through to commissioning and handing over. Our Team consists of experienced and dedicated Architects, Landscape architects, Interior Designers, Engineers (Fire, Civil, structural, mechanical and electrical), cost control & quantity Surveyors, contact administrators, project & construction managers, construction supervision, graphics & web designers and branding experts, all of which have a proven track record in successfully delivering large scale projects on time and on budget.

Shiny White Elite dental clinic

Shiny White Elite is a medical organization that can perform a high level of medical services in Egypt, the Arab world and all around the world.To provide a high quality dental care, according to the international standards and meeting our customers’ needs.The patient’s life cycle at Shiny White is very unique, it expresses Shiny White’s concept which changes the dental treatment meaning around the world. The patient there is staying in a spaceship, in a very clear and healthy environment. He has very comfortable tools such as: USB charger, cup holder, cappuccino machine and chocolate machine. A very different concept from the usual dental clinics, it’s like a spa or something very elite.