Gong Qian Mosquito Catcher Mosquito killer
Mosquito Catcher Mosquito killer is Iron Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Idea Design Award Category.
Mosquito Catcher Mosquito killer

"Mosquito Catcher" adopts physical way to kill mosquitoes. It biting humans mainly depends on the CO2 emitted by humans. "Mosquito Catcher" has four CO2 simulator at the top of the product to mimic human CO2 to attract mosquitoes. At the same time, the wavelength of 360-400nm light produced by ultraviolet lamp can also attract mosquitoes. The mosquitoes that be attract to around the pot, inhaling mosquitoes through the built-in suction fan to the bottom of the pot until mosquitoes is dried.

Mosquito Catcher Mosquito killer
Gong Qian Mosquito Catcher
Gong Qian Mosquito killer
Gong Qian design
Gong Qian design
Hubei Institute of Fine Arts

Hubei Institute of Fine Arts (HIFA) is the only top institution of higher learning in fine arts which has multiple-academic discipline in central China. The school was first founded in 1920 named Wuchang Art School, than changed the name to Private Wuchang College of Art. As one of first founded as the privately run Wuchang Art School and as one of the birthplace of the modern times higher learning level art education, it has more than 90 years history. The institute followed all-inclusive academic spirit and compatible interaction teaching principle that cultivates students a generation after generation. It made a unique contribution to the development of Chinese fine arts and the aesthetic education as a new education career in the whole country.