Fred Zhao Dr.bei Bass Toothbrush
Dr.bei Bass Toothbrush is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Beauty, Personal Care and Cosmetic Products Design Award Category.
Dr.bei Bass Toothbrush

DR.BEI consists of three different materials in different heights. The spiral, coloured layer ensures elasticity, while the grey bristles dry quickly and together with the white brush elements with silver ions, prevent the accumulation of bacteria.Three bristles arranged in Yamagata structure adapting to the bass brush method of science.Four color design stands for 4 seasons and it's easier for family using separately. Scientific layout of the bristles,food grade material brush handle and pure stylish design will bring people a better oral care and a happier life.

Dr.bei Bass Toothbrush
Fred Zhao Dr.bei
Fred Zhao Bass Toothbrush
Fred Zhao design
Fred Zhao design
WuXiQingHeXiaoBei Technology Co.,Ltd.

DR.BEI is a high-technology company focusing on oral care products , driven by design, to provide consumers with high-quality oral care products and oral personal services.They provide consumers with higher quality, better cost-effective oral products becoming a star product in the Chinese market.Dr. Bei bring people high quality products, and also impressed the people, loved by consumers.