Atelier Global Limited Changde YouArt Centre Exhibition Space
Changde YouArt Centre Exhibition Space is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Changde YouArt Centre Exhibition Space

The Project is a 4-Storey new cultural venue for contemporary art exhibition, and aesthetic education. Vision of future cultural venue not just to showcase art works, but to inspire public, and encourage artistic interactions. The design at the first glance is a simple cube. Inside the envelope, a few more boxes of various sizes house different functions, creates a series of interesting negative space used as open plan for theatre/exhibition and sky gardens.

Changde YouArt Centre Exhibition Space
Atelier Global Limited Changde YouArt Centre
Atelier Global Limited Exhibition Space
Atelier Global Limited design
Atelier Global Limited design
Atelier Global Limited

Design Studio: Atelier Global Limited; Client : Changde Konland Urban Development Co., Ltd. Atelier Global is a young and aspiring practice that has strong belief in the power of design and creativity. We regard architectural design as quintessential to living environments that constantly encounters new and emerging needs. Hence we are not bounded by a conventional modernism approach with a singularity concern on differentiation of space and function. Rather, we always search for possibilities that may not be easily foreseen, and create projects with new insights by establishing various seemingly unrelated cross links to different project types, scales and spaces. Our systematic yet trans-boundary approach on design has been successfully applied to comprehensive project types including culture, education, hospitality, living communities, retail and working spaces. All of our projects are executed with critical attention to details and our completed projects have received renowned recognition from the professional industry. Atelier Global has received numerous design awards from Hong Kong and Cross-strait professional institutions and is actively involved in academic and cultural research including design Biennales and university teaching.