Rui Zhao Residence Guan Private hotel space
Residence Guan Private hotel space is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Residence Guan Private hotel space

Designer put the sculpture, painting, installations, lamps and even straw houses, streams and some different decorations in every corner, that embodies the passionate emotional culture. At the same time, the body composition Mix all the content together,so that there is main line and peace in the noisy, it makes people there have a rest of mind.

Residence Guan Private hotel space
Rui Zhao Residence Guan
Rui Zhao Private hotel space
Rui Zhao design
Rui Zhao design
Rui Zhao

RuiZhao,the CEO of  V2 Design Decoration En gineering Co.,Ltd,chief designer. In 1994,he begin to work in the field of  architecture and interior design and work in  beijing in 1995 .set up beijing zhengzhong   Architectural Design Decoration Engineering  Co.Ltd,which is established in 2008 ,he purchase zhongxin  Architectural Design  Decoration Engineering Co.Ltd,which was change d to Dalian WeiTu Architectural Design  Dec oration Engineering Co. Ltd till  now.project including china big Architectural Engineering,hotels,public residence ,private club,villa,factory,exhibition hall and office  and so on . and he also work in the fiel d of art painting, furniture ,lighting products.

V2 Design Co.,Ltd

V2 design specialized in architecture and space design, our business includes indoor and outdoor design and art furnishings of hotel & club, office and villa. We have three branches in Dalian, Beijing and Guangzhou at the present time with the Grade-A certification issued by national construction department and Grade-I qualification of building decoration and construction, and we are the sponsor and standing director of Dalian municipal building decoration association. V2 Design emphasizes the origin of the building space, we start from the space ontology and focus on how to control the indoor and outdoor environment as a whole, and we try to put this idea throughout the details of the interior design in order to achieve the integrity and uniqueness of the project. In recent years, V2 design gradually formed the brand image and the temperament direction of works. We have caused domestic and foreign mainstream media and customers’ continuous attention,and won fruitful results and feedback. V2 person, V2gether, let us build life together.