Zhenfei Wang Grand Gourmet Flagship Store Shop
Grand Gourmet Flagship Store Shop is Platinum Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Grand Gourmet Flagship Store Shop

To show respect to these handmade products, the shop design was generated by a custom made computer algorithm, the fractal hexagon pattern gives the shop strong identity and organized all functions. The making process involved many cutting edge technologies and traditional handcrafts. The creative combination of the traditional handcraft and the modern technology in design and construction process makes the shop unique.

Grand Gourmet Flagship Store Shop
Zhenfei Wang Grand Gourmet Flagship Store
Zhenfei Wang Shop
Zhenfei Wang design
Zhenfei Wang design
Zhenfei Wang

Zhenfei Wang graduated from Berlage Institute in Rotterdam with an Advanced Master degree of architecture in 2007. They worked in UNStudio(Amsterdam). Before that, they gained their Bachelor degree of Architecture from Tianjin University. He founded HHD_FUN together with Luming Wang in 2008, HHD_FUN is a design and research studio, which consisted of architects, designers, programmers and etc. With interests in bringing knowledge from various fields outside of architecture and applying them into architecture design, they devote themselves into producing some “unexpected” designs which distinguished from the conventional. HHD_FUN are cooperating with people from all walks of life, such as artists, fashion designers, mathematicians and engineers etc. They are exploring the new design possibilities by means of this cross-over cooperation.

Grand Gourmet

Grand Gourmet, they choose the best goose livers, originating from the grey geese of Toulouse, the best geese of French race. Grand Gourmet guarantees a tasteful and refined goose liver, prepared in a traditional fashion and based on authentic recipes inherited from centuries of French know-how.