Shao-Kuo Wu House of dream Interior Design
House of dream Interior Design is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
House of dream Interior Design

For the distinct space characteristics, the office is full of amiability and charms. The space outside the front door, decorated with plant walls on each side, is conveniently accessible for multiple uses, e.g. parking. On the left inside the entrance, the meeting area is decorated and well-equipped with the big-log table and TV screen. The bar area, on the right, is adaptable for the movable tables and chairs.

House of dream Interior Design
Shao-Kuo Wu House of dream
Shao-Kuo Wu Interior Design
Shao-Kuo Wu design
Shao-Kuo Wu design
Shao-Kuo Wu

From office space to home space with practical experience for users to plan the space required for the function, and different materials according to their characteristics piecing together to create a unique look of each space, and both the building public safety inspection and indoor air quality maintenance Management of the license, a professional perspective for the user's life check.

Chen.She Design

The space vitality comes from people, who should be the central idea developing the people-oriented, comfortability and functional design plan. Founded in 2007, Chen-She Interior Design was a two-people company, which has been developed into 10 people over time. The company organization includes the department of design, accounting and construction, which have been conducting the design business encompassing the residence, commerce, business offices, large-activity space and architecture. Over the last 10 years, the company has been publicizing design works based on people-oriented principle. We find for our clients the accordant balance between aesthetics and functionalities that brings to people the joyful moment touched by the space authenticity.