Hung-Hui Liu Velocita Table
Velocita Table is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Furniture Design Award Category.
Velocita Table

Grasping every stunning moment. Collaborated with the exquisite crafts, VELOCOTA excellently merges the Ferrari rims and elegant design style that artistically resemble the super car displaying both the power and charm. When being used, VELOCITA demonstrates satisfactory quality; when staying still, VELOCITA acts as the enticing artwork.

Velocita Table
Hung-Hui Liu Velocita
Hung-Hui Liu Table
Hung-Hui Liu design
Hung-Hui Liu design
Hung-Hui Liu

Alan is the Head Designer of Mobellio and founder of Real Steel Design. Car aficionado for over 30 years, Alan has a broad range of experiences in Finance and within the car industry. Driven by passion and a deep understanding of cars themselves, Alan intends to seize the dynamics and the spirit of vintage cars and supercars to turn them into beautiful furniture that liven up modern interiors. Alan is responsible for design inspiration, implementation and factory integration. Alan is a dedicated and consistent top performer that follows up market trends on tooling, machinery and contemporary design in order to implement successful transversal business patterns.

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The Pursuit of Automotive Morphing. We are Mobellio, your provider of Automotive Design Furniture. Mobellio merges vintage automotive parts and furniture design to create unique designs allowing for beautiful and functional interiors with a vibrant touch. Every Mobellio piece is handcrafted with high-precision machinery, top-notch components, sturdy materials and premium fabrics. This is who we are. This is what we do best. This is Mobellio's difference. Unique & Beautiful Furniture Designs Our designs are beautiful and finely handcrafted furniture made of vintage and super car parts. design. We strive to create vibrant, organic, and soothing shapes that naturally fit within modern interiors. Each design is unique in its genre and the finish is a reflection of the artisan that made it. While we believe a beautiful design is essential, we make no compromise on functionality and comfort.