Christoph Klemmt & Rajat Sodhi Photoptosis Installation
Photoptosis Installation is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Generative, Algorithmic and Parametric Design Award Category.
Photoptosis Installation

Photoptosis explores the medium of light as a material in itself, that can grow the same way as plants do. The sculpture consists of a triangulated stainless steel surface in a branching geometry. Onto this structural tree, side-glowing fiber optics cables have grown like the veins of Ivy. The growth of both the metal surface as well as the lighting were developed via computational simulations of the natural processes.

Photoptosis Installation
Christoph Klemmt & Rajat Sodhi Photoptosis
Christoph Klemmt & Rajat Sodhi Installation
Christoph Klemmt & Rajat Sodhi design
Christoph Klemmt & Rajat Sodhi design

Orproject is an international architecture and design practice with offices in London, New Delhi and Beijing. Founded in 2006 by Francesco Brenta, Christoph Klemmt and Rajat Sodhi, our portfolio of work includes projects in India, China and Europe for high profile companies and private commissions. The work has won numerous international design awards and has been widely published and exhibited, amongst others at the London Architecture Festival, the Salone Del Mobile in Milan, Palais de Tokyo in Paris, the National Museum of China in Beijing and the India Design Forum in New Delhi. The work of Orproject explores advanced geometries using computationally driven design techniques. The integration of natural elements into digital design results in an algorithmic eco-narrative. By synthesising academic research in biology, music and fabrication systems with a client's requirements for space, schedule and budget, we have designed and realised highly articulated geometries using innovative materials and inventive construction systems. Our work ranges from large scale master plan developments and housing to high-end luxury stores, small scale installations and product prototyping. With a team of dedicated designers and engineers, Orproject is considered amongst the emerging architecture practices globally.