Rita Kettaneh Crystal Tables
Crystal Tables is Bronze Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Furniture Design Award Category.
Crystal Tables

The Crystal tables are a set of geometric side tables inspired from the crystal. From the transparent tops to the minimalistic bases, the tables make a statement of pure presence. Like the "flat face" which characterizes a crystal, the tabletop reveals the table’s geometric identity which is further expressed through the various silhouettes of the table. When similar tables are arranged side by side, they form a larger crystal of the same shape functioning as a modular coffee table. The tables are made of acrylic and stainless steel which is optionally plated with copper or brass.

Crystal Tables
Rita Kettaneh Crystal
Rita Kettaneh Tables
Rita Kettaneh design
Rita Kettaneh design
Rita Kettaneh

Rita Kettaneh designs furniture that is unique, playful and meaningful. She seeks to make the experience of owning furniture an inspiring one where pieces evoke an emotion within their users and tell a story that is personal to each one of them. With an engineering foundation, an entrepreneurial specialization, and experience in marketing and design, she brings in a multitude of perspectives. This allows her to design furniture pieces that connect well with the person and with the market. Rita won the A’ Design Award in 2018 for her design The Crystal Tables and she has participated in exhibitions in Como, Beirut, Dubai, and Berlin.

KRAY Studio

KRAY Studio was launched in Lebanon in 2018 by Rita Kettaneh in order to commercialize her designs and bring her furniture collections into the market. A young and ambitious brand, KRAY Studio is keen on taking bold steps as it ventures into the furniture industry. Its designs echo the founder’s vision for meaning and beauty and they ignite connections between the furniture pieces and their users.