Francesco Meneghello Andromeda Suspension Lamp
Andromeda Suspension Lamp is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Category.
Andromeda Suspension Lamp

The name Andromeda comes from the famous galaxy visible to the naked eyes from Earth, and it is inspired by the macroscopic and primordial beauty of light. The lamp has two different light sources, one directed to the bottom and one diffused to the top, which can be switched on or off separately. The diffused one is based on LED edge lighting technology and creates a starry sky effect thanks to 170 different-sized holes scattered along the lower surface. The bottom one, also based on LED technology, is accessorized by an innovative and simply-to-use interchangeable lens system.

Andromeda Suspension Lamp
Francesco Meneghello Andromeda
Francesco Meneghello Suspension Lamp
Francesco Meneghello design
Francesco Meneghello design
Francesco Meneghello

Francesco Meneghello is a 27-year-old Italian designer native of Bassano del Grappa, a small city in the North-East of Italy. He graduated in Industrial Design at IAAD, in Turin, completing his academic path with a thesis developed with Gessi and focused on the contamination between an object and its context. The same year he moved to Copenhagen, where he started a partnership with Mikal Harrsen and worked for MA/U Studio, one of the most progressive Danish brands, now part of the Boffi group. The year after he came back to Italy to present Atelier12, a new Italian brand for bathroom furniture, and launch the first award-winning collection Abisso. He collaborated for a few years with Davide Lanfranco, developing several projects. In 2016 he founded WE DON’T DESIGN, a new design studio with the aim of proposing alternative and original solutions. In 2017 he moved the studio to Milan, gathering a team of young and international designers to expand the business abroad. He’s now the Creative Director of Atelier12 and works for many Italian and European brands within a wide range of design fields. He is sensible to modern art and inspired by whatever is unrestrictedly expressed. Affected by the Peter Pan syndrome, he balances his methodic and rigorous approach with a romantic and childish attitude, which provides him with unexpected and innovative ideas.


OLEV is the first Italian brand specialized in design Led-only lighting solutions. OLEV presents a complete offer of designer lighting solutions for homes or outdoor all using exclusively Led technology. It is a new brand but it comes from CLM Illuminazione, Italian company that since 2003 has been focused exclusively on Led lamps and lighting solutions. At first the compay had developed LED technical know-how with custom projects for hotels and other public areas. This know-how has led to the creation of the “pure LED” family of design lamps that CLM sells today. During these years CLM has developed product innovations that put the company at the “state of the art” of LED lighting.