Bien Seramik Design Team Tiger Porcelain Wall and Floor Tiles
Tiger Porcelain Wall and Floor Tiles is Bronze Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Building Materials and Construction Components Design Award Category.
Tiger Porcelain Wall and Floor Tiles

The project was inspired by the Natural Marble of the original surface effects. The Tiger collection imbues your living space with the comforting feel of natural marble. Produced by using digital printing technology and glazed porcelain technologies. Texture has a uniform large-sized marble effects.

Tiger Porcelain Wall and Floor Tiles
Bien Seramik Design Team Tiger
Bien Seramik Design Team Porcelain Wall and Floor Tiles
Bien Seramik Design Team design
Bien Seramik Design Team design
Bien Seramik Design Team

He was born in Istanbul on May 19, 1973, Tolga Berkay graduated from Marmara University Fine Arts Ceramic Department where he studied from 1992 to 1996, ranking second, and engaged in sculpture work at Prof. Dr. Tankut Öktem’s studio. In later years, he worked for twelve years at Istanbul. Eczacıbaşı Vitra Seramik Factory, Design and CAD/CAM department and for a short time, at Kohler Factories in France. He was trained on high pressure mould design and production in Italy on which he made applications in Turkey. Setting up his own studio in Şile, Istanbul in 1997, Tolga Berkay created works on Hittite civilization and wall reliefs, and showed his applications in various architectural structures, staying loyal to the originals of Hittite Reliefs in local and international museums. He has been serving as design director at Bien Seramik sanitary ware and Tiles plants in Bozüyük since 2011. The artist, who has worked with ceramics for a time period over seventeen years, who has designs in various solo exhibitions and institutional firms, has won various prizes on sculpture, ceramic and bathroom designs in Turkey and international platforms.


Being a prominent leader of the world’s ceramic market, Bien exports its products to five continents and 55 countries, particularly to USA, Canada, Spain, Israel, and Greece. Continuing all its manufacturing according to TS EN 14411 standard, Bien is a company with world class manufacturing processes. Following the latest technology and integrating these techniques to its manufacturing power, Bien is the first manufacturer of wall tiles produced with digital technology. Starting a big ceramic health tools (Ceramic Sanitaryware) investment in 2011, Bien adds vitrified products to its tile ceramic production with new investments and manufactures an average of 25 millions square meters of floor tiles, wall tiles, porcelain tiles, technical porcelain in its factory located at Bilecik and Bozüyük.