Jackie Lai Futuristic Home Residential House
Futuristic Home Residential House is Bronze Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Futuristic Home Residential House

The owners hope to live a dream, a dream of the future living after they watched the Sci-Fi movie Passengers starred by Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. The owner requested to create a living where they can live in the future. The gleams of the future with futuristic furniture of white curves lines and sophisticated high tech fittings with refined elegance and amazing visual presence. The space must be immersive and experiential environment with voice recognition technology in place.

Futuristic Home Residential House
Jackie Lai Futuristic Home
Jackie Lai Residential House
Jackie Lai design
Jackie Lai design
Jackie Lai

I have been a design entrepreneur for the last decade and for every single day, I am thinking how design can help me change the way I do business and to create an impact for my personal development – which is to be open to learning and trying new things out. I have been working in teams where most of the time I am the only designer. It is not easy but I learned to deal with others’ perspectives. I have to communicate my ideas more simply and to see much more clearly what I can uniquely contribute as a designer. I am glad I have evolved to become a mentor to many designers whom I groomed and started their own practice.

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JIA Studios is an award-winning design studio and we strategized and translated today's ideas into tomorrow's experiences that incorporate both functionality and aesthetics for residential, commercial or industrial spaces. We partner with visionaries to differentiate, innovate and create value through intimate space-planning and strategic branding. Our capabilities include interior design for commercial and residential, event & exhibition design, architecture design and marketing consulting As an interior design consultancy firm, JIA consistently persisted in the quest to provide clients with breath-taking renders, visual treatments and astonishing edits for residential and commercial interior space planning. With a growing international and domestic clientele, JIA has developed a studio pipeline which is at the forefront of technology and skill enabling a unique merging between cinematic visual effects and architectural design.