Janet Hiu Yan Chow Guardian Star Bridal Jewelry
Guardian Star Bridal Jewelry is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Guardian Star Bridal Jewelry

The design of this piece of bridal jewelry is based on the legendary diamond star hair pieces of Queen Sissi of Austria. It combines traditional hair pin with current in-demand ear crawler design. It is like a subtle but modern coronation when the piece is put on. The 220 pieces, weighting a total of 5.20ct, of glistening diamonds swing and gleam with every movement, adding sparks to the bride for she is her parents' treasure, angel and star.

Guardian Star Bridal Jewelry
Janet Hiu Yan Chow Guardian Star
Janet Hiu Yan Chow Bridal Jewelry
Janet Hiu Yan Chow design
Janet Hiu Yan Chow design
Janet Hiu Yan Chow

Janet Chow, whose family runs jewelry-manufacturing business, created VEA Fine Jewelry in 2017. Driven by passion for design Janet quitted her 9 to 5 bank job and took jewelry design and GIA gemology courses. The brand blends the timeless with the contemporary and is unique for its versatile designs. Design for modern women, pieces could be worn in multiple ways from day to night. Janet focus on quality and craftsmanship, ethical and socially responsible diamonds are used and each piece are designed and handcrafted to last.

Vea Fine Jewelry

Vea Fine Jewelry is simplicity, versatility, practicality. Established in 2017 based in Hong Kong, creates pieces to be worn effortlessly every day by modern women, for any occasion. Designs are simple yet noticeable, letting wearers' confidence shine through. Conflict free and socially responsible diamonds, precious stones and 18K gold are used. Each piece are designed and handcrafted to last.