Brook Kennedy Folium Water repellant bicycle saddle
Folium Water repellant bicycle saddle is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Idea and Conceptual Design Award Category.
Folium Water repellant bicycle saddle

Folium is a Biomimetic water repellent bicycle seat design enabled by emerging nano technology materials. Bicyclists worldwide struggle to keep their bicycle seats dry and comfortable when it rains. As a result, unattractive, awkward plastic grocery bags or fabric covers are used to keep their bike seats dry. Sometimes rain discourages bicycling altogether. Folium's design encourages water drops to roll off. Inspired by Lotus leaves which repel water during Monsoon rains, Folium's surface material is engraved with a microscopic surface texture similarly to Lotus leaves and others plants.

Folium Water repellant bicycle saddle
Brook Kennedy Folium
Brook Kennedy Water repellant bicycle saddle
Brook Kennedy design
Brook Kennedy design
Brook Kennedy

Brook Kennedy is an award-winning Industrial Designer, researcher and educator. Originally from New York City and educated in California and Oregon Kennedy also holds 20+ US, Canadian and European patents. Kennedy currently lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia where he is an independent designer and Associate Professor of Industrial Design at Virginia Tech. Kennedy’s current research focus lies in future sustainable opportunities for his profession at the intersection of Biology, Design and Engineering.

Brook Kennedy, Industrial Design

Brook Kennedy's Industrial Design studio combines professional consulting services in Industrial Design, User-Experience Design and Strategy with a research practice focused on exploring emerging technologies and processes in product design and development. Brook Kennedy Industrial Design is especially interested in processes and technologies serving product renewability and access to basic human needs.