Railis Kotlevs Silenus Sideboard
Silenus Sideboard is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Furniture Design Award Category.
Silenus Sideboard

Sideboard Silenus. Made from black stained oak veneer combining it with different metals - copper and brass, Silenus sideboard lends a touch of modern appeal to any aesthetic. Directly inspired by natural beauty of Iceland: land of fire and ice, our newest design of Sideboard Silenus reflects that magnificent combination.

Silenus Sideboard
Railis Kotlevs Silenus
Railis Kotlevs Sideboard
Railis Kotlevs design
Railis Design

Railis Design is the first luxury furniture design brand in Iceland. Railis Kotlevs is the mastermind behind Railis Design, a family owned and operated studio, creating spectacular and interesting furniture inspired directly by the beauty and epic history of his home, Iceland. Starting with the wonder that is Icelandic nature, and then furthering this wonderful inspiration with mid-century, surrealism and Dadaism, Railis Design create furniture in a way that is distinctive in design and physicality; clearly draw inspiration from Iceland’s pristine waters, striking landscapes, majestic mountains, and lush wildlife.