Neringa Orlenok Little houses Sensory Play Space Divider
Little houses Sensory Play Space Divider is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Baby, Kids' and Children's Products Design Award Category.
Little houses Sensory Play Space Divider

Little Houses is a unique modular space divider made for furnishing any early childhood learning environment and create different activity zones in any child-centered setting. Sensory Play Space Divider helps developing sensory skills, fine motor skills, self-expression and imagination, communication skills, aesthetics and raise imaginative children. Every panel of this divider can rotate 330 degree, and folds flat when it’s not used. There is 685 holes for various sensory activity.

Little houses Sensory Play Space Divider
Neringa Orlenok Little houses
Neringa Orlenok Sensory Play Space Divider
Neringa Orlenok design
Neringa Orlenok design

Innospark develops and sells creative play objects for children in the preschool age with the brand edu2. The company was born in a small and proud country of Lithuania which is famous for its beautiful nature, for one of the oldest languages on Earth, for talented people, and for much more. Environment is the third teacher, says Reggio Emilia Approach to early children development. Innospark design objects for creating an inspiring environment in any child-centered setting. Their products invite children to act, imagine, create, and learn through play. From the very beginning Innospark maintain a strong belief that environment has a significant impact on children and society. When designing new products, they feel responsible for offering parents and teachers such tools and toys that will help them raising creative, confident, and resourceful generation. Toy stores are full of short lasting, trendy toys which look attractive but get forgotten quickly. They take up space and encourage consumption. We care about continuity and develop products with sustainable value. Family and human relationship for them are not just cliché marketing taglines. They wish edu2 products to invite family and friends getting together and enjoying each other, like sitting around a campfire. Family DNA influences the designs of their products. Innospark use a lot of round shapes, always think about multifunctional use, and seek to inspire imagination. Innospark DNA formula would not be complete without the most important element of their vision. Innospark strive to develop time-resistant products that create memories, products that can be passed from one generation to another. Their vision is creating and developing creative play products with personal history. You are right if you think tehy have an ambitious vision. It is ambitious and inspiring. Innospark comes from two words – innovation and spark. They enjoy the arduous process of designing and developing new products. That’s when you can see sparks their eyes! Edu2 name has a lot meaning for them. It reflects their belief that creativity is one of most important competences of the next generation, and adding creativity into everyday learning environments will bring them to the next level of education. The edu2 name also remind that the world is changing very fast, and we should always think about how we can help raising children ready for meeting the future challenges. And finally, edu2 is a reminder that we should always think about the next step and make double efforts to be constantly learning and reinventing ourselves.