Yuichi Horikawa Bonsai Another world
Bonsai Another world is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Photography and Photo Manipulation Design Award Category.
Bonsai Another world

Japanese tend to be more interested in the culture of other countries than their own culture. In fact, almost all Japanese people know bonsai, but there are few Japanese who know how to enjoy bonsai. Also the demand for Japanese bonsai is decreasing. A bonsai is a thing that borrows the shape of plants and feels the background and the natural scenery. These pictures are visualization of them. He visualized and clarified how to enjoy bonsai. The chance of knowing pleasure leads to protection of culture. It can be a photo, not a real one.

Bonsai Another world
Yuichi Horikawa Bonsai
Yuichi Horikawa Another world
Yuichi Horikawa design
Yuichi Horikawa design
Yuichi Horikawa

Resident in Japan.Graduated from Department of Photography, Nihon University College of Arts. I work as an advertising agency as a retoucher. In the 9th year since I became freelance Photographer, I got married and three children also got it. As my life changes, my idea for photograph change daily. Now I think "Photograph itself records our memories." I went back to my hometown from Tokyo. Now unearth a product that is not in the world made by SMEs. I spread those products through cloud funding and are trying to revitalize the region.

Yuichi Horikawa / HOLIGON

Yuichi Horikawa works as a freelance photographer, Retoucher, director and Direction Of Photography. Resident in Nara, Japan.