Mingbin Yang Temgoo Showroom Exhibition
Temgoo Showroom Exhibition is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Temgoo Showroom Exhibition

This is a shared exibition space for ceramics,located in Foshan,Guangdong,China.The space is designed for product designers to show their original design of ceramics and provide a site for users to easily match the materials. Rays, cylinders, and cuboids make up a three-dimensional, split-level space; the change that the designer aims for is to alter the client's perspective. The experience of space is instantaneous.

Temgoo Showroom Exhibition
Mingbin Yang Temgoo Showroom
Mingbin Yang Exhibition
Mingbin Yang design
Mingbin Yang design
Mingbin Yang

Designers should have a strong sense of social responsibility. The quality of the designer will certainly affect the many aspects of the work. The concept of the designer, the core values will influence the customer, and affect the whole society. Designers must clearly understand: why design.