Rahul Mistri Krishnanilaya Residential Apartment
Krishnanilaya Residential Apartment is Iron Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Krishnanilaya Residential Apartment

Every room in this residential project has been crafted with the sole intention of fulfilling a simple, organic lifestyle. Designed for a working couple and their 2 year-old son, the 2-BHK apartment is rustic yet luxurious, sophisticated yet minimalistic, modern yet vintage. Its transformation from a bare shell to a unique blend of design elements was a long-down process, but the result is a family home that draws inspiration from flowers and their vivid hues. It displays a mix of customised and locally-sourced materials and furniture, and is anchored by its ability to cut off from chaos.

Krishnanilaya Residential Apartment
Rahul Mistri Krishnanilaya
Rahul Mistri Residential Apartment
Rahul Mistri design
Rahul Mistri design
Rahul Mistri

Rahul Mistri's very first ambition was to become a musician. However, he developed an ever growing passion for interior design while studying at Rachna Sansad, Mumbai University. His desire to explore the influence of fabrication in interior design led him to the Post-Graduate program. Material application, analysis and production are his main interests, and he constantly strives to research and discover new avenues in those areas. Design is a craft, and he aims to experiment with local construction methods to establish new boundaries. From Hotels to nightclubs and corporate offices to high-end residences, he has been involved with designing it all. Besides work that keeps him busy, Rahul also indulges in teaching. He is a visiting faculty at the Academy Of Architecture and is also invited at various Design Institutes across India.

Open Atelier Mumbai

Open Atelier Mumbai is a new space with urban ideology and methodology. Founder Principal Architect, Rahul Mistri, thinks, rationalises and designs keeping in mind urban necessities and the changing world. OA Mumbai is a studio that is a diligent worker as well as a diligent student. It is always open to new, fresh ideas that would give modern architecture a whole new meaning. Every project is handled by a highly qualified team whose aim is to create a space that is unique in not only its style, decor and look, but also in its understanding and identity. They combine various forces of expertise from 3D fabrication, material applications and branding to create a cohesive design methodology. Working across this wide range of scales, OA investigates each site, its context and clients needs (which is of utmost importance), articulating conceptual visions that later translate into new forms of built scale.