Yeh Wen Tan Mantis Facade Cleaning Robot
Mantis Facade Cleaning Robot is Bronze Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Engineering and Technical Design Award Category.
Mantis Facade Cleaning Robot

A class of facade cleaning robot, Mantis is made of three identical modules and a caterpillar-inspired linear actuator bar system. With the linear actuators, each of the impeller modules can be lifted off the facade, allowing Mantis to cross over obstacles on vertical facades with ease. Each module is also equipped with a passive rotary system which allows it to rotate independently from others, enabling Mantis to traverse the facade. Mantis is also equipped with onboard sensors enabling the creation of real-time maps of the operating environment, health monitoring, and optimal cleaning paths.

Mantis Facade Cleaning Robot
Yeh Wen Tan Mantis
Yeh Wen Tan Facade Cleaning Robot
Yeh Wen Tan design
Yeh Wen Tan design
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