Vikram Bhatt and Hansika Jain Sattva Residence
Sattva Residence is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Sattva Residence

Spatial memories are created which are fleeting yet vivid, a fusion of the real and the imaged, always uncertain, and unique. The parametrically designed stick wall in home theater acts as the acoustical surface at the same time it adds a pinch of glamour to the space. The customised lights, wall arts & textiles are treated as individual objects that fit into the whole design. The design solution was to embrace the scale as required, while creating a warm ambiance for the inhabitant

Sattva Residence
Vikram Bhatt and Hansika Jain Sattva
Vikram Bhatt and Hansika Jain Residence
Vikram Bhatt and Hansika Jain design
Vikram Bhatt and Hansika Jain design
Co.lab Design Studio

co.lab design studio was established jointly by A. Vikram Bhatt & Ar. Hansika Jain in the year 2012 Our experience lies strongly in designing high end residential and commercial projects. Our firm strives to achieve an architecture that resonates with man's unending endeavor to be in harmony with his soul and the world he lives in. Every space we create begins by addressing the client's requirements, taking into consideration the site and its context. This necessarily rejects any notion of architectural fashion or exhibitionism or architecture-for architecture's sake.