Pei-Ching Su Towering as mountain Interior Design
Towering as mountain Interior Design is Bronze Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Towering as mountain Interior Design

The tall residential building, located at the central Kaohsiung City, has the great view, which has become the feature that by using design skills, materials and colors, the designer successfully presents the artistic conception of natural environment in the design plan of the architecture. The design idea employing the natural construction materials, colors in earth tone and accessible space makes come true the life surrounded by the natural environment in the big city.

Towering as mountain Interior Design
Pei-Ching Su Towering as mountain
Pei-Ching Su Interior Design
Pei-Ching Su design
Pei-Ching Su design
Pei-Ching Su

I am cheerful, self-discipline, self-confidence, active thinking, very creative, easy to communicate, effective leadership team to complete the case. Received formal education in fine arts and architecture, has a good knowledge of art and artistic accomplishment, it can be designed according to the needs of the company, to create the ideal space blueprint. With the opportunity of traveling, we will establish a rich database; meanwhile, we will continue to accumulate and update our own explosive power of aesthetics and creativity.

Cai-Hao Interior Space Design

Kaohsiung CaiHao Architectural Interior Design Since its establishment in 2000, it has presided over many well-known cases of construction and exterior design, including residential, office interior design cases, the overall space design of commercial buildings, interior and exterior design or building atrium, staff dining room, courtyard landscape and other public space planning and design. With ingenious thinking by Kaohsiung mining interior design team, "Space" is transformed into a different style, creating a living space with "people" as the main body, combining the interior design with the concept of green building materials to create a low-carbon, comfortable living environment!