ad2 architekten AndreaDämon-AndreasDoser CoMED Residence
CoMED Residence is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
CoMED Residence

It is situated like a jumping facility on top of the slope with the main glass façade towards the garden in the south. The cutting on the corner northeast is done for having bath and shower in a treetop. A balcony connects the house with the pool. Valuably shadow areas are underneath. There is a split-level concept between living area, pool, wellness(cellar) and the garden. All features are connected by the garden sculpture to one artificial landscape. Among the stairs gaps for plants, a lounge and a kitchen are integrated. The natural scenic reflects in the skin and dematerialize the volume.

CoMED Residence
ad2 architekten AndreaDämon-AndreasDoser CoMED
ad2 architekten AndreaDämon-AndreasDoser Residence
ad2 architekten AndreaDämon-AndreasDoser design
ad2 architekten AndreaDämon-AndreasDoser design
ad2 architekten AndreaDämon-AndreasDoser

ad2 architekten doesn´t do one style twice, everything has a new background and that´s why the style is also different but in a similar formal language. It is not good to adhere stubbornly to one form - you always have to develop new solutions and always for the future not for the past. We build for the future that´s why our task is to be always visionary and more than state of the art.

Ad2 Architekten A Daemon-A Doser

The Austrian architect team ad2 architekten live and run a firm in the eastern part of the country in the scenic steppe landscape on the lake Neusiedl since 2010. They are doing their work with passion with the view into a vineyard. The professional story as freelancer has begun with the Austrian architecture award the best house in 2009 for the residential house ad2 for individuality and "point-accurate landing" of their work. All their work is based on the depth of analysis to get to know all the employers requirements, a detailed planning phase and a consistent accompaniment during implementation. The matter of the material depends on the style, structure and function of the building. Environmentally sustainability is office standard, too. Focal point of the ad2 architekten is to have a central design theme which is perceivable for user and for a stranger, too. The ad2 architekten team creates solutions for the user´s individual purpose that´s why they all look different. The small manageable team works in high level of detail to create architecture and interior design with corporate identification. Each architectural solution gets their own taste by seasoning. How it works, this is ad2 architekten corporate´s secret.