Chin-Feng Wu Sharing Feast Business Lounge
Sharing Feast Business Lounge is Iron Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Sharing Feast Business Lounge

By connecting regular hexagons in a repeated fashion, a seamless surface can be formed. Such graphic characteristics perfectly match the corporate spirit of the client in this project, which demonstrates congruity when dealing with external affairs and unity when consolidating corporate internal strength. Therefore, materials such as stainless steel, leather and mirrors were adopted and were consistently applied from the entrance to the meeting room, allowing similar images to penetrate the entire space, bringing out power and beauty from the designed pattern.

Sharing Feast Business Lounge
Chin-Feng Wu Sharing Feast
Chin-Feng Wu Business Lounge
Chin-Feng Wu design
Chin-Feng Wu design
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At Cai-In Interior Design, we perceive design as portraying an attitude and the embodiment of living aesthetics. Thus, we strive to infuse the elements of beauty into life by creating the appropriate spatial ambiance, extending the traffic flow and by presenting style and quality, so that occupants may appreciate the design through all five senses. By upholding such a management philosophy, the design team constantly seeks innovation and change by applying our consistent, meticulous attitude towards service. We aspire to merge spatial quality with life, where our years of vision and cultivation are transformed into vivacious design energy to continue introducing new thinking and innovation to the industry.