Stelarbloom Voltaire Furniture
Voltaire Furniture is Golden Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Furniture Design Award Category.
Voltaire Furniture

The art of Stelarbloom reaches beyond the borders of genre. Like a hunter in a fluidly changing terrain, routine and expectation is obsolete. The Prey - The Work. Stelarbloom stands for clarity and lively design; identification through expression, putting function invariably on the same level as design. Projects for Lady Gaga, Lana del Rey, Frauscher boats, Pro-Ject Audio, and others have perfectly emphasized the agility of this designer couple. Art meets handcraft. Straight, solid and at the same time of graceful appeal. The Voltaire furniture line by the designer couple.

Voltaire Furniture
Stelarbloom Voltaire
Stelarbloom Furniture
Stelarbloom design
Stelarbloom design
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Vital harmony is the quintessence of Trapa's work. Working in wood means long-term and cross-generational thinking, a stark contrast to our fast-paced age. But especially therein lies the strength of the natural resource wood. And that’s the key to our harmonised natural wood floors, solid wood furniture and modular walls of natural wood. We at Trapa have made it our mission, right from the beginning, to bring wood’s marvellous qualities to life in your home. In our own words, make them the quintessence of the room. TRAPA GmbH Uferstraße 23 A - 4801 Traunkirchen