Kot Ge Beijing Fantian-Fanyue Global Mansion Ho Residential
Beijing Fantian-Fanyue Global Mansion Ho Residential is Iron Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Beijing Fantian-Fanyue Global Mansion Ho Residential

Life is an extension of your character. Your house will display itself an air similar to the type of person you belong to. After proceeding to a certain period, you will decorate your home according to your own likes and dislikes and give up the pursuit of style and pattern. The design of a house should reflect the traces of life, personal likings as well as the component of family relations When asked about the expectation of the project, Fantian holds that their target clients are a group of people with strong individual taste in aesthetics.

Beijing Fantian-Fanyue Global Mansion Ho Residential
Kot Ge Beijing Fantian-Fanyue Global Mansion Ho
Kot Ge Residential
Kot Ge design
Kot Ge design

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