Fabricio Ronca Spin Table and Light Lamp
Spin Table and Light Lamp is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Category.
Spin Table and Light Lamp

A table , a lamp, a piece to decoration. This piece is singular and trendy, inspired by the flexible use of space, and the interaction of the user with the furniture, also through the possibilities of uses and provisions. The contraposition of materials and forms are one of the highlights of this design. The top of the table turned in pine wood rests on a lightweight slim metal base , giving lightness and beauty to the piece.

Spin Table and Light Lamp
Fabricio Ronca Spin
Fabricio Ronca Table and Light Lamp
Fabricio Ronca design
Fabricio Ronca design
Fabricio Ronca

I believe we can change a society with design, bringing opportunities for people's cultural and financial growth and showing what is good, beautiful and durable. I began my life in the arts since I was a little kid when I went to my mamma's art school with her. From that moment I started to know and love painting, sculpture, music and architecture. the school building was a work of oscar niemeyer, and I grew up on that building, playing woodcut, painting, and other arts.

Studio Fabricio Roncca

A letter, a sigh, This logo is a abstraction of the "F" letter symbol of the name and a play with the number 07 - seven - "The number of moving universe" This logo was developed by an Marketing agency from Brazil called Guerra propaganda, its minimal and clean logo.